Country style, also known as “family-style” is a service option offered to our customers who desire a

more formal dinner service. Although we do offer traditional plated services as well, country style is

our preferred service option in comparison to table service.

Country style service has guests seated at their tables and waiters to bring the food to each table.

Portions of the dinner offerings are placed on each table on serving platters for guests to fill their

own plates (it’s just like sitting down for dinner at home with your family!). This service is typically

known as a more formal service and is served in courses. When considering country style, we like to

remind customers it is often a slower form of service compared to buffet (but quicker than plate by

plate) and it is recommended to ensure each table has enough space to accommodate multiple 

platters and bowls. What we love about country style is guests are able to pick their own portions,

cuts of meat and selections without having to leave their seat. Belmont Catering is happy to offer either country style or traditional plate by plate meals. Contrary to many in the industry, Belmont Catering believes in alleviating any stress to planning an

event, therefor our prices are all inclusive, meaning we do not have any hidden fees and do not charge extra for staffing, place settings etc. as we work this into your all in quote!

Please note, Belmont has simplified the menu process, but do allow clients to entirely customize their menu based on their visions!


• Two entree options

• One vegetable option

• One potato option

• One salad options

• One selection of dessert

• Coffee and Tea

*click to view description of menu options


• Freshly baked buns and butter

• Any condiments needed for the meal

• Full delivery, set up & clean up of meal tasks

• China plates (Salad Plate, Dinner Plate, Dessert Plate) and Cutlery for courses

• Professional and friendly service staff

*additional services or courses offered at an additional cost!

For more information, please view our sample menu attached!

As a reminder, in order to properly quote each individual, we ask you contact us directly on our Facebook Page (linked) for a prompt response or calling us at 519-644-1726

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