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We know wedding planning is busy and you are juggling tons of vendors contracts, info, forms, and documents and sometimes may feel overwhelmed or like you are missing something! We have compiled this page for you to review whenever you need as a final checklist as your wedding approaches for your catering portion of your day! Everything we will require from you leading up to your special day + day of is outlined below here in case you can't find this in your emails!

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This is your FINAL Confirmation Check List/ Form as given at the time of booking which will be used to finalized your event details. This can be filled out 2 weeks before your wedding, up until minimum 1 week before your wedding.

This must be completed/emailed in order to perform final confirmation of your event! 
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Attached here is the Sample Buffet Layout Requirements in order to provide a buffet style meal for your event! 
We ask this to be carefully reviewed when planning the set up of your venue + ensure all items are arranged prior to our arrival! This ensures our team does not need to move or adjust anything day of and is essential for a Buffet Style Meal! We will assist you with recommendations + can help you select the best area for this, for your layout of your event! 
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Have you selected a Seated Meal for your upcoming wedding- specifically a Country-style/ Family Style OR Plated Meal? 

Here outlines Sit Down Requirements + Examples in order to provide a seated meal, as our team will require some guidance since we will be serving each guest + ensuring we provide you the best service to each guest! 

We will work together to walk you through all these details, but this page is a great starting point to start reviewing what is required by our team for a seated meal!

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