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Belmont Catering provides full bar services to our catering clients. Belmont Catering does not offer split bar services, meaning if we are taking care of your bar needs, we must take care of all drink related items which includes purchasing of all liquor. One of the great things about Belmont's Bar Service Add On is the client has the ability to completely customize their bar menu based on their own preferences without the hassle of stocking their bar the day of their event. Belmont Catering takes on full responsibility of the bar, therefor the client does not need to worry about purchasing, returning or cleaning up any bar related items! It is completely hassle and stress free for the client. Belmont Catering charges at a "per drink structure" meaning we do not charge a hourly fee per guest, but simply charge for whatever is drank. The client can decide on the payment form for their event, whether that be "pay bar, open bar or cash bar". Based upon the hours needed and number of guests, Belmont Catering will hire Smart Service bartenders at a set fee for the evening. 

Included in our bar services is the following:

  • Smart Service Bartenders 

  • Full Licensing and Insurance 

  • Liquor Licensing 

  • Complete choice of all alcoholic beverages 

  • Non- alcoholic beverages, mix and water

  • Wine Bottle Services & Corking. 

  • Plastic Cups & Straws

  • Ice 

  • Proper items needed to ensure all beverages are cold

For more information, please contact Belmont Catering as soon as possible as availability for this service is limited and not guaranteed to all Belmont's catering clients. To see a sample bar service menu, please click attached



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