The best way to contact Belmont Catering is through contacting us on our Facebook page linked. We respond to all inquiries within hours and are happy to send various packages and information to clients through this form of communication. Additionally, we always suggest for clients to schedule an appointment to meet in person so we can discuss various options

in person. We are happy to assist clients over the phone, in person by appointment or through Facebook. 

The best number to reach us is at 519-644-1726.

 Unfortunately, we regret to inform that we are currently unable to offer emailed quotes due to the high volume of clients and inquiries we receive and suggest clients who prefer online information to contact us on Facebook directly.  Once client has been booked we do release an email address for booked clients to use throughout the process, but is only reserved for secured clients (booked events). 

Belmont Catering looks forward to meeting each and every one of you and working together in the future!

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